• History and Brand Introduction
  • ceo
  • “ Unstoppable challenge
       towards the top ”

    The first step in the hike is
    the first step toward the summit
  • First of all, I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation for supporting
    and loving Kolping, a world-class outdoor sports brand.
    Founded back in 1983 as an indigenous brand, Kolping has continued to
    grow to stand firm in the global market thanks to its loyal customers.
    Now Kolping proudly competes with other famous global brands.
    For another round of growth in the 21st century, Kolping will continue to fulfill
    its role as a customer-friendly brand that is always with customers, a quality
    brand that wins the game based on quality, and a reliable brand that repays
    customers for their trust. Kolping, as an outstanding Korean sports brand,
    will do its best to secure the top position in the global sports market.

    Park Man-young, President of Kolping

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